11 things to calm anxiety

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to title this post or begin to address this topic, but it’s one I knew I needed to bring to light; it’s important to me. So whether you suffer from diagnosed anxiety or just have anxious tendencies, these methods are sure to help you! Let me know which ones you plan on trying out? 😏

Go outside.

This video says it all + is 100% worth the watch!

Have a completely embarrassing + sweat-worthy dance party.

I don’t start my mornings with coffee anymore, I start them with dancing like a fool on my Instagram stories!

Bury your nose in a book.

The best solution when you need a break from your life is to get lost in the story of someone else’s.

Watch a strictly educational documentary.

Sometimes watching a fictional life unfold (perfectly) before my eyes is stressful, so I like to distract my brain with something useful; Did you know there is enough storage space in this country that we could fit every US citizen inside? The Minimalists taught me that one!

Turn off any and all screens.

If you work on social media like I do, it’s easy to spend the WHOLE. FRICKIN. DAY. doing the finger dance across my phone. Refreshing apps so many times a day, I nearly puke, it’s great to just power them down for a minute.

Pet my dog.

She doesn’t have a freakin’ worry in the world, unless you count the times I forget to refill her food bowl fast enough. Looking into those pug eyes, there’s no way it can’t warm my heart.

Talk to someone about absolutely nothing.

The power of meaningless conversation; as an empath, it’s difficult for me to babble on about nothing, but sometimes just a chat about the weather with a stranger at work is comforting enough.

Put on a comfier outfit.

Like yeah, my butt might look BOMB in these leggings, but I’m feelin’ a lil sausage-y and frumpy today… so lemme put on these 20 year old sweatpants and call it an afternoon, capishe?

Put clean sheets on the bed.

The only thing that’s better than getting into clean sheets at night, is getting into clean sheets at night after you’ve had a rough day. The 10 minute chore will be well worth the 8, 9, 10 hours of peace.

Reorganize your finances.

Money is a HUGE stressor in many of our lives – whether it’s the notion that we don’t have enough of it, can’t make it, don’t know how to spend it or not, realigning with your finances is going to be a huge stress reliever. If anything, you’ll be able to see where all of your money goes/comes from. Knowledge is power. (Mint.com is my favorite money managing app!)

Put a movie on the big TV and actually watch it.

I am SO guilty of simultaneously scrolling Instagram or Facebook while I’m trying to watch a movie I’ve been “dying to see”. Handling too many tasks is usually the root and prolonging of my anxious tendencies, so focusing on one thing at a time is a serious gamechanger.

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