20 quotes for 20 years

Confession. I’ve been 20 for over a month now and have YET to publish this post. I guess there’s the proof that being a twenty something really isn’t going to be that different (by procrastinator’s definition).

I hit the big TWO-OH and, okay, maybe it’s not such a big deal, but it still hasn’t really hit me + I’m very melodramatic when it comes to my teen years whizzing by me, so excuse the unnecessary whining about it.

That all being said,Β I’ve taken this long ass time to compile a list of 20 of my current favorite quotes.

Yeah, sorry, excuse ME for being one of those basic hoes on Instagram + Snapchat, pinteresting for a perfect photo caption. In all seriousness, I eat, breathe, live other people’s words when I can’t find my own within myself. They’re important, I like them, and I’m embracing my basic-inner white chick. BAM.

They say your 20’s are a freakin’ big deal.
Here are 20 quotes to celebrate (and survive) 20 years;



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