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28 productive + free things you can do instead of watching netflix.

If we’re anything alike, you probably get home from your morning classes and sit down to have four servings of mac + cheese, planning to watch “just one episode”.

Then, before you know it, you’re a wedding, two child births, a few funerals, and a whole lot of laughs deep in your favorite show. AKA, just one episode turned into just one SEASON.

Honey. I feel you.

This year, I set out to live with more intention, less distraction, more passion.

And as much as the next guy, I hate that that means peeling my eyeballs off of Netflix + focusing on something more worthy of my free 5(00) minutes.

There are a million and twelve things you can do to stay productive throughout the day and not get sucked into the black hole of Friends or Orange is the New Black or Gilmore Girls.

The goal: save your rest time for ACTUAL rest time. Before bed, during your scheduled power nap, or on the weekends.

If you’re stuck and know you SHOULD be doing something, but don’t quite know what, here are 28 suggestions:

  1.  journal.
  2.  write a letter to your mom.
  3. make a gallery wall of your recent vacay photos.
  4.  declutter your makeup collection.
  5. learn a new card game.
  6. take your dog for a walk.
  7. hydrate!
  8. read a classic novel.
  9. learn about a new hobby you’d like to start.
  10. do a facemask (or 10).
  11. text a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time.
  12. make a friend, sister, significant a healthy meal.
  13.  write down your goals for the week.
  14. donate 5 articles of clothing you never wear.
  15. start a conversation with someone on Twitter who tweets you love, but you don’t know personally.
  16.  watch a TED talk about something you’re interested in learning, or starting.
  17. create a Pinterest board of REALISTIC goals for the month.
  18. tell someone three things you absolutely love about them.
  19. write reviews for your favorite books on Amazon.
  20. back up old photos to your laptop to make storage space on your phone.
  21. spend some extra time with your dog.
  22. make a gratitude list.
  23. meditate.
  24. read a book you’ve never picked up, but owned forever.
  25. discover + support unknown artists on YouTube.
  26. enter a blogger’s giveaway.
  27. listen to an inspirational audiobook.
  28. delete useless apps on your phone.



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