“helping millennials like YOU own up to your bad-assery + start a love affair with your life.”

carolyngunn.com is everything that is, well, ME… (Hey, Carolyn Gunn here, if ya missed that part 😛 )… and for YOU.

Sharing my vegan journey, my wellness coaching, fitness hacks, and so much more, this is your hub for all things YOU. As much as I love writing and sharing with the world, this little slice of the internet is nothing without ya. Fo’ realz, you are the avocado to my toast. Essential. 

On carolyngunn.com, you’ll find;

  • easy + no-BS plant-based//vegan tips.
  • my own fitness journey + how to start and maintain your own. (and actually get RESULTS.)
  • some serious kick-in-the-pants words you need to hear to set your motivation on FIRE. 🔥
  • your guide to livin’ the FREE LIFE. #thatnobosslife.

If you’re not convinced, I’ve got some explainin’ to do.

We’re here to change lives. To empower. To freakin’ set some goals and smash them. To live your most glorious, fulfilling, kick-ass, desirable life. 

If you’re not ready to fall in love with your life… you damn well better get there ASAP. Cause we’re in this together, girl.

If you don’t believe me, give it 30 days and let me prove you so wrong.

If you’re in this and ready for a CHANGE… reach out. 📲 We gon’ do dis.


Hey, hey! 👋🏼 I’m Carolyn; a 20 year old plant-based, Insta-obsessed, full time waitress + college girl, here to help YOU change your life like I did mine. 😻

Born + raised in Connecticut, I do have a Dunkin’ Donuts obsession, we DO have the best pizza (don’t fight me on this one) and surprisingly no, I don’t go to UConn.

I love . . .  clothing lacking any sort of color, blue pens, my pug’s button nose, Aerie bralettes (because it’s 2017  + we don’t have the time for real bras), Mr. Bird, the smell of a rainy July day, & reading way too many self-help books.

I don’t love . . . showers less than 20 minutes long, cake face, spending more than $15 on a shirt, movies (not including Mean Girls, When in Rome, or The Last Song), & jeans that are too short . . . AKA, most of them.

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I smell a serious friendship coming on. No, seriously. They gave me one of those new Macs to try out… Friendship fact #1; I make too many terrible jokes 🙆🏼 oops!

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