about me

Hey, hey! 👋🏼 I’m Carolyn; a 20 year old plant-based, Insta-obsessed, full time waitress + college girl, here to help YOU change your life like I did mine. 😻

Born + raised in Connecticut, I do have a Dunkin’ Donuts obsession, we DO have the best pizza (don’t fight me on this one) and surprisingly no, I don’t go to UConn.

I love . . . clothing lacking any sort of color, blue pens, my pug’s button nose, Aerie bralettes (because it’s 2017 + we don’t have the time for real bras), Mr. Bird, the smell of a rainy July day, & reading way too many self-help books.

I don’t love . . . showers less than 20 minutes long, cake face, spending more than $15 on a shirt, movies (not including Mean Girls, When in Rome, or The Last Song), & jeans that are too short . . . AKA, most of them.

I smell a serious friendship coming on. No, seriously. They gave me one of those new Macs to try out… Friendship fact #1; I make too many terrible jokes 🙆🏼 oops!


hello@carolyngunn.com // Instagram: @misscarolynxo // Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carolyngunnn


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