“helping millennials like YOU own up to your bad-assery + start a love affair with your life.” is everything that is, well, ME… (Hey, Carolyn Gunn here, if ya missed that part 😛 )… and for YOU.

Sharing my vegan journey, my wellness coaching, fitness hacks, and so much more, this is your hub for all things YOU. As much as I love writing and sharing with the world, this little slice of the internet is nothing without ya. Fo’ realz, you are the avocado to my toast. Essential.

On, you’ll find;

  • easy + no-BS plant-based//vegan tips.
  • my own fitness journey + how to start and maintain your own. (and actually get RESULTS.)
  • some serious kick-in-the-pants words you need to hear to set your motivation on FIRE. 🔥
  • your guide to livin’ the FREE LIFE. #thatnobosslife.

If you’re not convinced, I’ve got some explainin’ to do.

We’re here to change lives. To empower. To freakin’ set some goals and smash them. To live your most glorious, fulfilling, kick-ass, desirable life.

If you’re not ready to fall in love with your life… you damn well better get there ASAP. Cause we’re in this together, girl.