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go where you feel most alive // Amelia Island, FL

Trip #2 is in the books, my friends. And man, oh man, am I itching for #3 (and #30… All in due time).

Sometimes, you just need an adventure to cleanse the bitter taste of life from your soul.

(Or in my case, the bitter bite of winter from your bones.)

Last week, I found myself on Amelia Island after a suggestion that went something like: “Carolyn, you need to go to downtown Fernandina. You can, like, take pictures for your blog. And your vlog… and stuff.” And with that, I was in the car, my brand new Target bathing suit making its break for the season, on my way to take pictures… and stuff.

A Day on Amelia Island, Florida. 

A walk down Fernandina Beach.

Your favorite Connecticut white girl got her fair share of sun on this 90 degree Tuesday. What was supposed to be a 20 minute walk (that cardio, tho) ended up being 4 miles on the phone with my mom, knees deep in the Florida coast. But I had to talk about the beautiful architecture and my potential hometown for when I become a millionaire, right?

Lunch at Fourth Street Cafe.

I can’t eat fast food (and really, why would I want to) but I wasn’t in the mood to camp out in some poor waitresses section while I read my book and sipped my Diet Coke, so I found this adorable little family run sandwich shop on Fourth Street in downtown Amelia Island. The owners sat next to me, on their break, while I ate my Herb & Cheese Club w/ Macaroni salad and I felt so at home.

And in case you needed another reason to #shopsmall and #supportlocal…

Strolling down Centre Street on Amelia Island. Countless antique shops, art exhibits, and real estate dreamin’.

I’m a sucker for handmade, history, and home. Wandering in and out of antique shops that smell like your grandparents basement isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it was probably the happiest hours of my trip. Gram, I’m hella lucky I didn’t have any room left in my suitcase because with your love of knick-knacks, I got your shopping addiction habits, too.

A sweet treat at Island Time Premium Frozen Yogurt.

Semi-sweet dark chocolate fro-yo, uhm, YES. I held my cool and walked past the fudge shop, only to eat my body weight in strawberries and frozen yogurt. #WORTHIT.

As always, I’m forever grateful for the people who make these trips possible for me. Sometimes, you just have to get on a plane and go. Surround yourself with people who support that, and you don’t need much of anything else. 💛

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