The Badass Bombshells

A community of firey millennials ready to own up to their bad-assery + create a love affair with their life. We’re kicking fear in the face + regaining a sense of purpose, passion, and power.

Have you ever felt like you have ZERO girlfriends? No one who ‘gets’ you?

Or maybe you’re stuck in an emotional, financial, or physical rut.

I created The Badass Bombshells tribe for ALL of us to find a way out… me included. 

I’ve never been someone to have a huge group of friends… or really, any at all. Never mind girlfriends, I’d MUCH rather spend time with my boyfriend or guy friends, all of them spinning through a revolving door more often than not.
I wanted to create a group for girls who have never felt truly at-peace within themselves.
That they can be 100% true, authentic, and own up to everything that everyone else tells them NOT to be.

If this sounds like something for you, give us a try! It’s 100% FREE. You have nothing to lose, + everything to gain!