how to easily stay motivated to workout

Am I the only one who stalks insta-fitness-model-babes for hooooooooours at night while simultaneously binge watching Scandal + nomming on vegan dark chocolate? Okay, well yeah, maybe.

Working out seems fun when you equate it to looking like a badass 🔥 but how many of us are guilty of waking up in the morning and pulling a “yeahhh….. no.”

Motivation is important but DETERMINATION IS KEY.

You can wish and hope and dream all you want.
That’s being motivated.
Being determined is not stopping at ANYTHING until your hopes and wishes and dreams come true. 

Stop blaming your lack of effort on lack of motivation. If you want something, you WILL chase it. Here are some of my tips to staying motivated determined AF to working out and getting healthy.


And be specific about them. “Losing weight” “getting in shape” “eating better” those aren’t goals. They’re fluffy ideaologies. Big words, I KNOW. I spelled it wrong the first time around, it’s fine.

But seriously, if you’re determined AF to do something, voice that ish to the universe.

“I WILL lose 10 pounds this month.”
“I WILL NOT eat meat this week.”
“I WILL workout for the next 3 days straight.”
“I WILL finish a 5K in October.”

workout motivation


Mark it on a calendar, put an alarm on your phone, write it on your forehead, whatever gets the deed done, darlin’. Give yourself X amount of days to do Y and don’t, whatever you do, do NOT let that date out of your mind.


Yeah, take THAT ONE, spell check. 😂

This is always something I struggled with because I was the only girl who didn’t play softball or was able to scratch my head with my toe nails or run in the dead of the summer, like all of my friends could.

Now, I have a HUUUUUUGE group of badass women who are #strugglebussin’ together and share goals + ideas + inspo with each other. And they’re all at the tip of my fingers, 24/7.

✨ Accountability groups ✨ are my game-changer. No more skipping workouts because now, I let my GIRLS down, not just me + my progress. I get serious FOMO if I don’t share a sweaty selfie in the group feed. I love the constant reminder to be better + do better because in the end, I’m worth it. We ALL are.

👉🏼If you want more info, fill out this quick form because our groups are POPPIN’ and I’d love for you to join me! 👭

How are you staying motivated to workout this month?

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