how I’m so happy + positive all the time

One of the most common questions I get is HOW I’m always so bubbly, and positive, and motivational, and happy all the time.

Whether it’s a comment on one of my videos that I spend the entire time poking fun of myself + laughing, or one of you writes me a message after a Facebook post I’ve poured my heart + soul into, everyone wants to know my secret. πŸ™Š

Hah. Secret, MAH BOOTY. Imma tell you right now.

Do shit you actually LIKE.

If you find complete bliss in reading fantasy novels but “don’t have the time”, MAKE TIME. If cooking sets your soul on fire, stop eating out. If working out, traveling, writing all make the gloominess in your life part and make way for sunshine… do it MORE.

I don’t accept the “don’t have time” excuse. You’re more, so much more, than your excuses and you find the time to do the things that excite you… or you make it. All of the other things in life will find their place, do what needs to get done, get TF off your phone, and do things that make your soul do a little happy dance.

Don’t do stuff you DON’T like.

I mean… take your exams. Clean your bathroom. Pay your bills, eat your kale, be nice to everyone at work. But if you hate your job, quit it. If your boyfriend makes your skin crawl, leave him. If living at home stifles your soul, pick up and move.

NO, it’s not easy. If it was easy, we’d all be happy little clams and world peace would be no problem and all of our happiness could be packed up in jars to cure cancer. But YOU are the one person who’s going to change your circumstances, and the more “I can’t” “I shouldn’t” “I won’t” you put out there, the more the Universe is going to laugh in your face as it puts up MORE obstacles for you.

Get uncomfortable. Shit changes when you get TF out of your comfort zone.

And really, that’s it. Simple? Yes. Rocket science? Hell no.

And with that, I’ll leave you with one of my FAVORITE quotes at the moment… Read it, read it again, write it on every single piece of paper you can find, and absorb it. Really. Soak it all in and go out there and make some bad-ass changes in your life. Now, before you let your fears creep in.

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