january reading list

Did you know that the average human works 37.5 hours a week and reads 1 book per year, while millionaires work the same, if not more, and read around 60 books each year?

I learned that because I read it. In a book. Not scrolling Instagram hahahhah, seriously.

On my bedside table is usually an “I had a shitty day” book, a “I’m a queen, don’t F with me” book, and an “I’m gonna take over the world” book. Plus, my journal and many many many colored pens, highlighters, and sticky notes.

I’m not always in a business mood, and sometimes self-love gibberish makes my skin crawl, so having a couple different books going is how I keep up with my reading, not matt-ah the mooooood.

THE 10X RULE by grant cardone. (buy.)

(The “I’m gonna take over the world”.)
I picked this book up because it’s pretty much the poster child (can a book be a poster child ??? a poster book maybe ??? the book of all books ???) for personal development in the business realm. Hi. Teach me how to be kick-ass, thx.

But let’s be real, no book is going to be the secret sauce to all of life’s success. That ish starts with YOU, my dear, and The 10X Rule is simply a fire under your butt. 

Whether you want straight A’s this semester or to run a billion dollar empire, The 10X Rule is for you.

It’s not for you if you have no desire to be successful. Okay, AKA, it’s for you.

LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK by rebecca campbell. (buy.)

(The “I’m a queen, don’t F with me”.)
It takes a lot for me to pick up a super woo-woo, spiritual book and not want to barf. #factz. When I first cracked this baby open, I laughed. Because who HONESTLY talks like that?? Hahaha.

I was pissed, honestly. Totally not my speed to talk about “working your light” and “soul purpose” and “Source”.

But as I’ve worked through Light Is The New Black (slowly, but surely), I can’t help but sit and marvel at some of Campbell’s words.

I’m waiting for the page that’s all, “CAROLYN ROSE GUNN, THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU”. 

So powerful.

THE PRINCESS SAVES HERSELF IN THIS ONE by amanda lovelace. (buy.)

(The “I had a shitty day”.)
I’ve already crossed this beauty off the list, finishing it in one midnight sitting the other night. If you enjoy Rupi Kaur’s or Atticus’s writing, you’ll probably sit there in utter shock, mouth hanging open, with that how-do-words-always-do-this-to-me type of feeling.

If you’re at a pivotal point in your life, or just an I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing about anything, ever point, poetry could be for you.

(These are some of my favs: Rupi Kaur’s Milk + Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers)

What are you reading this month?

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