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#adoptdontshop, i hate blogging, + totally UGH moments // life update

Woah, hey, howdy ho there, partner, it’s sure been a minute since we’ve talked.

Last time I sat down at my computer and really click-clacked away (with passion + gusto + purpose, I might add) to you, I was fresh off the plane from California, starting the spring semester at school, spending oodles and oodles of time with my friends, and totally livin’ life.

Well then.

How much has changed.

You know that magical + overwhelming excited feeling you get when you’re planning a trip, buying plane tickets and organizing lodging arrangements and scoping out local restaurants and planning fun things to do… and once that’s all said and done, then you have to wait for 6 months to actually go and have that magical experience again?

I’m in the waiting period.

If you’re in a lull, or facing totally drab days ahead of you, HON-EY, you aren’t alone.

I know, soon my life will take off again, after meticulous planning and tons of waiting and preparing and from all of that, will come magnificent transformation.

There will be days where picking up that extra shift will send my caffeine-needs through the roof.
There will be moments when dropping out of the semester brings more promise than whatever bullshit I can muster up for a term paper.
There will be nights so lonely and so pointless, that doing anything remotely entertaining is useless.
There will be times where sadness and sleep exhaustion and self-doubt hit like a tractor trailer coming down the highway, full speed.

BUT. Those days are leading up to something, someday.

The extra shift at work will let me plan a trip with my sister.
The semester will end and graduation will be right around the corner.
The lonely nights will soon be filled with friends and family and laughter and smiles.
The sad and the exhaustion and the self-doubt will bow down to happiness and energy and willingness.

I haven’t been blogging because the MEH has taken over. The “man… everything’s horrible”. Including that acronym I just totally made up, please feel free to disregard.

I won’t sit here and make excuses or give you an intro, thesis, body paragraphs, conclusion as to why I don’t blog as much as I used to.

But here’s what I have to say about that: you’re allowed to write and have no one read it. You can have a hobby and not turn it into a career. You can hustle because you want to, not because you have to.

You can delete your social media, and your life will still be valid.

Since the election of our President, Twitter makes me want to throw my phone off the nearest 20-story building… then run it over with a car… then set it on fire… and throw it into the depths of the ocean.

Instagram is too perfection-driven, sometimes it needs to be mucked up with something that isn’t a flat-lay or snapchat selfie or over-used Pinterest quote.

Facebook. Stop.

Here’s the deal, folks. Powering down your computer, shoving your phone in a drawer, logging out of all of your accounts on your iPad, you still have a life to live, even if the masses don’t see it.


And I think that’s the thing about blogging. The numbers, the social media promo’s, the affiliate links, it’s all just a big LOOK AT ME game.

There’s a little more to life than a filtered photo and grammatically correct tweet.

So hashtag away, live Tweet dramatic awards show drama, and work on your Instagram theme for hours on end. Let’s not forget the purpose behind it all.

#ADOPTdontshop is nothing without a trip to your local shelter. The movement won’t end because of the red X on your hand. The pay gap won’t shrink if we don’t work for better work.

Get out there and put some meaning to your hashtagging, your Twitter ranting, your lengthy Facebook opinions. No matter how small, your words are nothing, just sitting there on a screen.

There’s still life beyond your screen.

We adopted Roxy in November + saved her from God-only-knows what kind of life she may have had (or had ended in a shelter). Was it a huge movement, a financial investment, a strenuous task?Β No. But we saved oneΒ life, and that’s more than enough.Β 


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