snack hacks; go to plant-based snacks

From one hungry girl to the next, I bring you… SNACK HACKS. Shut up, I know a 6 year old could have thought of that one. My strokes of genius don’t come often here, people.

Before you start snacking.

As yourself if you’re actually HUNGRY. Now listen babes, I’m not one to knock hunger. If you’re hungry, eat. Please. This is not me telling you to not eat, or to restrict. Please, please, please, don’t. But, if you’ve just eaten a large meal and you’re still standing in the pantry digging for oreos, there’s probably a bigger picture you’re night seeing at the bottom of the peanut butter jar.

Bored eating.

You KNOW you do it. I know I do it, too. If you find yourself hungry when you know you’ve just had a meal, or it’s 2 AM and suddenly you “need” Ben + Jerry’s, I have a trick for you. Set a timer for 15 minutes and distract yourself for that time! Read a book, color in a picture, do your laundry. If that hunger feeling passes on, it was just boredom striking. If you’re still feeling it, eat something. 

Hydration nation boiiiiii.

If you’re dehydrated, your body will most likely confuse that as hunger. 75% of the nation is chronically dehydrated. If you’re not drinking half your body weight in ounces of water, you are the three in four. Get to chuggin’, and THEN hit the snack cabinet.

Are your meals satiating?

When I first went plant-based/vegan, I did a lot of snacking. Constantly had my hands in the chip bags, would walk down the Trader Joe’s aisles with arms full of junk, all because I didn’t know how to balance my meals. I was over-carbing and my diet lacked healthy fats and proteins.

If your meals are balanced, you shouldn’t feel the need to snack, and you should be getting all of your calories in during meal time! Unless your like me and save hella room for dessert, duh. 😜 I teach about balanced meals in my wellness community and have learned HOW to eat. Potatoes are no longer considered a meal for me, which is a waistline win, feelme?

So you’re hydrated, your meals are balanced, + you’re not bored… snack away! Here are my favorites. 

My Go To Vegan Snacks;

  • veggies + hummus.
  • lenny + larry’s Complete Cookies.
  • raisins.
  • Stew Leonard’s sweet potato chips.
  • coffee.
  • pretzels + spicy brown mustard.
  • handful of blackberries.

I’m not a huge snacker because I eat most of my calories at meal time + also practice Intermittent Fasting. So there’s not much room or desire to snack, but these are my favorites.

I’m always sharing my meals over on my Instagram stories, so you peep my food log there!

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